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5310421 Technowiz Week - Junior Code Academy

Tutor: Louise Ellis

Location: Uppingham School


Let the inner programmer free in a week jam-packed with coding on multiple platforms. You will be able to learn algorithmic concepts on Kodu whilst creating your own games through drag and drop programming with fun and exciting graphics. Also, have a go at testing out more complex coding ideas on Scratch where nearly anything is possible, including the chance to program a miniaturerobotic vehicle called 'Crumble Bot'.

Computer programming may seem like an out of reach concept to some, but new, engaging graphic programming tools like Scratch and Kodu can make programming a reality. Within these 'block' programming languages, children can learn the basic concepts of computer science including sequencing, repetition and selection. Furthermore, these concepts can be applied to more advanced, industry standard programming languages like Python or C#.

Students will learn to:

·Animate characters using code

·Create their own games using programming

·Use If / Else statements

·Create variable to store data

·Build and program a miniature robotic vehicle

Students will also have a chance to use Crumble board and Crumble bots to put programming into a real-life, physical context. They will be able to plug in the Crumble hardware and use software similar to Scratch to code different LED lights, motors and switches. Additionally, in groups, children will be able to build a Crumble Bot and program it to follow a 'line maze' of their design!

Students will leave the course with improved computational thought, critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Course notes...

Course Specific Items to Bring to Uppingham

Please ensure that all clothing and all other equipment (laptops or phones) are CLEARLY MARKED WITH THE STUDENT'S NAME

  • Notebook and pencil
  • Clothing - daytime clothing should be comfortable and casual.
  • Non-residential students should bring a packed lunch each day. Squash and water will be provided at break times.


  • Non-Residential Students

Daily registration 8.45am - 9.00am at the Leonardo Centre (Number 7 on the School Map). Collection will be at 5.00pm daily in the same place.

  • Residential Students

6.30pm - 7.30pm on Sunday evening prior to course. Students should register at the boarding house in which they are staying (this will be confirmed nearer the time). A light supper of sandwiches and cakes will be served on arrival on Sunday evening. Please notify us of any special dietary requirements using the Parental Consent Form.


    Technowiz Week - Junior Code Academy
    Course No. 5310421
    Price From 385.00
    Course Date Mon-Fri
    31 Jul - 04 Aug 2017
    Course Time 09:00 - 17:00
    Status: Course Full
    Age 7 - 14 course
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