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5810419 Sensational Science Week

Tutor: Sara Grey

Location: Uppingham School


Come and enjoy a week of sensational science. If you like making slime, launching dry ice rockets or building parachutes to land raw eggs safely, then this week is for you. The week is full of hands on science experiments and demonstrations: from flying teabags, to screaming jelly babies to dry ice extravaganza. Interspersed will be team challenges and building projects including making CD hovercrafts, drinks can dragsters and spaghetti-marshmallow towers. Try your hand at science magic tricks, coin and matchstick puzzles. Can you be the super scientist of the week? Also, you will be given a booklet, which shows you how you can safely perform many of these experiments at home and explains the science behind each experiment.

This fun and interactive week will take place in Uppingham School’s state-of-the-art Science Centre and will be led by Sara Grey, a local specialist science tutor.



Course notes...


Course Specific Items to Bring to Uppingham

Please ensure that all clothing, and all other equipment is CLEARLY MARKED WITH THE STUDENT'S NAME.

  • Clothing should be comfortable, casual and suitable for getting messy. Please bring a lab coat if you have one, otherwise one will be provided.
  • Non-residents please bring a packed lunch. Squash will be provided at break times.

Non-residential Registration

10.00am at Science Centre (no 8 on the map) and collection will be at 3.00pm daily in the same place.

Residential Registration

4.00pm - 6.00pm on Sunday afternoon with a light supper served early evening. Students should register at the boarding house in which they are staying and these arrangements will be confirmed nearer the time. Please notify us of any special dietary requirements using the Parental Consent Form.


    Sensational Science Week
    Course No. 5810419
    Price From 360.00
    Course Date Mon-Fri
    23 - 27 Jul 2018
    Course Time 10:00 - 15:00
    Status: Places still available
    Age 8 - 12 course
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