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5600402 Young Musicians' Week

Tutors: Ben Wingfield, Angela Dobson

Location: Uppingham School

This course provides an opportunity to perform in a variety of musical groups in a challenging, stimulating programme individually tailored to each child's own performance level.

The Course Director Ben Wingfield leads a team of top-rate music professionals and young musical assistants, bringing together a wealth of educational expertise and experience in nurturing young musicians. 

Who can attend?

Any young musician aged 8 to 18 who enjoys playing a string, woodwind, brass or percussion instrument is welcome to sign up. Children must bring their own instrument (with the exception of percussion), should be at least Grade 1 standard and should be comfortable reading music notation.

What do they do each day?

Five fun days, working alongside similarly-minded young musicians, give students as rich a musical experience as a single term of music at school.  Each day is divided into a number of complementary sessions, rehearsing in several allocated groups in preparation for several concerts later in the week. The ensembles vary in size, from smaller chamber groups, via instrumental family ensembles such as string orchestras and wind bands, to whole-course ensembles including symphony orchestra and choir. All music is provided at these sessions.

From July 2018, an exciting new addition to the course comes in the form of interactive workshops, focusing on musical creativity through the use of voice, body percussion and movement. The workshops will allow pupils to create their own music, to develop their compositional and improvisational ability, and to complement the performance skills they acquire in rehearsal throughout the week.

Rehearsals and workshops are rewarding and challenging, and enhanced by coaches who, like our students, enjoy making music during their holidays. Working with a sectional instrumental coach and a conductor gives each student scope for individual tuition, and thereby confidence to assist their enjoyment of music. This musically supportive and inspirational environment helps students progress quickly and enjoyably.

The timetable is an intensive one, so leisure activities including bowling, swimming and other socials events allow our young musicians to let off steam. This is as important a part of the course as the music itself!

How are they allocated to groups?

Students are allocated to one of two main groups for the week. We group together musicians of similar standards, ages and experiences, ensuring that each student gains the maximum possible value and progress from their week. Although the programmes for both groups are very similar, there is slightly more emphasis on music education for the less experienced group and a greater focus on instrumental performance for the higher-grade musicians.

The concerts 

The experience includes performing in front of an audience of family and friends in a number of concerts over the week. Concerts are staged in the late afternoon on Wednesday and Thursday, while Friday's late afternoon Gala Concert features the very best of the week's musical work - and includes an optional end-of-course hog roast for the family to enjoy!

Minimum Requirements

Who Can Attend?
Any young musician aged 6 to 18 who enjoys playing an orchestral instrument or the saxophone. Children must bring their own instrument (except percussion), should be at least Grade 1 standard and be able to read music.
The instruments catered for are:
Double Bass
Recorder* (*Up to Grade 4 only) 
French Horn
Tenor Horn 

Course notes...

Course Specific Items to Bring to Uppingham

Please ensure all clothing, instruments, cases, music stand and all other belongings are CLEARLY MARKED WITH THE STUDENT'S NAME

  • Instrument (with protective case if applicable)
  • Spare reeds/strings and spike holders for cellos/double basses
  • Music stand
  • Music and piano parts, if applicable
  • Notebook and pencil
  • Concert Dress: Boys - white shirt, dark tie/school tie, black trousers, black socks and black or dark shoe
  • Concert Dress: Girls - white blouse, black trousers or skirt, black or dark shoes
  • Clothing - daytime clothing should be comfortable and casual
  • Packed lunch for non-residential students


    • Non-Residential Students

    8.45am - 9.00am daily in the Memorial Hall. Collection will be at approx. 5.00pm in the same place on Monday and Tuesday and following the concert on other days. Map

    • Residential Students 

    Between 4.00pm - 6.00pm on Sunday afternoon with a light supper served at 6.30 pm. Students should register at their boarding house - New House for girls and West Bank for boys. Map

    Residential Information Sheet

    Please notify us of any special dietary requirements using the Parental Consent Form. 


    • On both Wednesday and Thursday at 5.00pm there will be short concert in the Memorial Hall (Chamber music and wind) and the Old School Room (strings and small ensembles) - all students will be involved in these and are expected to attend both concerts. Parents and friends are welcome to come along to these concerts; each of which will last about an hour.
    • End of Course Concert on Friday starting at 5.00pm (concert dress required for this as above) - this will last for just under 2 hours.

    Hog Roast

    • Friends and relatives are invited to stay for a Hog Roast which takes place immediately after the Friday concert. Please note that tickets for this must be ordered in advance by Monday 16 July . Residential students will automatically be allocated a complimentary ticket. Hog Roast Ticket Order Form

      Young Musicians' Week
      Course No. 5600402
      Price From £370.00
      Course Date Mon-Fri
      23 - 27 Jul 2018
      Course Time 09:00 - 17:00
      Status: Limited availability
      Age 8 - 18 course
      Residential Options

      Hog Roast 2018

      Friends and relatives are invited to stay for a Hog Roast which takes place immediately after the Friday concert. Please note that tickets for this must be ordered in advance. Tickets should be purchased for any non-residential students and family and friends who wish to attend. Residential students will automatically be allocated a ticket for this which is free of charge.

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