Residential Options


Most of the children's courses run during the summer, plus our adult orchestra course, are offered on a Residential or Non-residential basis. If you live locally, you can come as a Day Student and go home in the evenings - if you live too far away, or simply want the additional fun of a residential course, you can stay here at Uppingham and enjoy a varied evening leisure programme.

Residential accommodation is provided in the school’s comfortable and spacious boarding houses and consists of a combination of shared rooms for younger children of the same age and gender and single or twin rooms for older children and adults. For children's courses, if a child would particularly like to board with a friend or sibling please do let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate this. All bedding is supplied but students are asked to bring their own soap and towels.

In all cases, the residential course price includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper, plus drinks throughout the course as well as the evening leisure programme.

For children, a programme of evening activity begins at the end of each day as soon as the non-residential students have gone home. The programme varies with each course, but generally includes sports options (football, swimming, rounders, badminton, etc), outside if weather permits, or using the school's excellent sports centre, plus less active pursuits, such as DVDs, quizzes, treasure hunts and an end of course disco. Some courses, dependent on number, also include an evening out at somewhere like New York Thunderbowl in Kettering. Access to e-mail is available during specified times of the day, and there is always a comfortable common room with television available for any students who might just want to relax after a busy day!