Children's Residential Course Information



  • Accommodation

The boarding house accommodation consists of dormitories (max 10 beds), smaller shared rooms and single rooms. Where requested on the booking form, we have tried to allow for special requests e.g. friends, siblings in the same room, but these requests cannot always be guaranteed. Older children will be allocated single rooms. Bedlinen is provided, but please remember to bring a towel and personal toiletries (such as a toothbrush, shower gel and shampoo).

  • Meals 

All meals are provided for residential students and they will be served a light supper of sandwiches of cake on arrival on Sunday evening.  Please notify us of any special dietary requirements using the Parental Consent Form. Due to an increase in allergies, we do kindly request that snacks containing nuts are not brought to the school.

  • Clothing
Sports clothing is recommended for leisure activities in the evenings, such as trainers, shorts/tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts/ polo shirts.  Please also bring a swimming costume and spare towel should swimming be offered as a leisure activity.

  • Bed-times

 The pastoral team in each boarding house will work to bed-times appropriate for each age group. These will be roughly 9.00pm-9.30pm for up to 11 year olds, 10.00pm for 12-14 year olds, and no later than 11.00pm for older students.

  • Pocket Money

All course activities are included in the cost of the course. There will be an opportunity to spend small amounts of money in the tuck shop or on the Tuesday evening trip out. Pocket money amount is at the discretion of parents, but we would suggest that an amount of £2.00 per day is ample. Pocket money for the under 10s should be given to one of the pastoral team at registration in a sealed envelope with your child’s name on it, with any instructions regarding daily allowances.

  • Laundry

We regret that laundry facilities are not available.

  • Medication

If your child takes medication, please note this on the Parental Consent Form. All medication should be given to the Head of House directly on arrival on Sunday along with any instructions for dispensing, and please make sure any medication has been CLEARLY marked with your child’s name.

  • Mobile Phones

We strongly recommend that students do not bring mobile phones with them due to risk of loss etc. If they do, it is entirely at their own risk. Mobiles must be kept switched off during the organised activity sessions. Mobile phones and games consoles are not permitted in sleeping areas for the younger children and will be removed at bedtime and left with our pastoral team for safekeeping overnight to ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep. Please therefore make sure they are labelled with your child’s name.

  • Mail

Any mail should be addressed to your child followed by the course name in brackets c/o Uppingham Summer School, Balmaghie, 25 High Street West, Uppingham, Rutland LE15 9QB.

  • Course Rules

The happiness, enjoyment as well as the health and safety of every child is of paramount importance.

The pastoral team will outline the basic rules to the children at the beginning of the course, but in essence:-

  • All those on the course are expected to listen to instructions and do what is asked of them by the course and pastoral team members
  • Children will be expected to behave in a courteous and polite manner towards each other, and the course staff at all times. Bullying or any form of verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated
  • Smoking is forbidden
  • Possessing, drinking or being under the influence of alcohol is forbidden

Any child found in breach of any of the course rules will be asked to leave the course and return home.

  • Safety

The health, safety and wellbeing of every child is central to all we do. The staff team take being 'in loco parentis’ very seriously and will do their utmost to create a happy and safe environment for your child. We plan each day very carefully ensuring excellent supervision as well as access to very experienced staff who are actively involved in overseeing activities. Every member of staff working in the Houses and on the course is DBS checked.  

  • Emergency Contact Number

Under normal circumstances you should call the Summer School Office on 01572 820800. In the event of a genuine emergency out of hours, we will provide an emergency contact number in due course.

Residential Course Information